Welcome to J&R Senior Sheetmetal, Inc.

Who We Are
J&R Senior Sheetmetal Inc. is a family owned and operated business that specializes in custom copper work. Located in Westerly, Rhode Island, we serve most of Rhode Island, including Block Island. With 30 years of metal experience built across three generations, blended with more than 40 years of roofing experience, we understand the importance of keeping your home dry. We take tremendous pride in our work and enjoy the unique challenges that come with building coastal homes. Our top priority is to provide quality service and products that will stand up to the harsh New England weather. If you can build it, we can cover it (in metal of course).

What We Do
We specialize in custom metal work using a vast assortment of tools from antique hand tools to modern machines, including a CNC fiber optic laser cutter, CNC 10’ autobrake, and 10’ digital shear. These tools, combined with our creativity and talent, allow us to fabricate simple to intricate custom flashings, roof vents, wall vents, drip edge and custom metal roofing. With the use of the laser cutter, we are capable of also providing customized signs and home décor.

Using American machinery and metals, we are proud to say that our products are MADE IN THE USA!

Products Available In 16oz. Copper And Freedom Gray (Zinc Copper)

  • roof vent flashing
  • roof exhaust vents
  • wall vents
  • drip edge
  • valleys
  • window/door pans
  • shower pans
  • step flashing
  • drip cap
  • chimney cap
  • scuppers
  • radius flashing

Products Available In .032 Painted Aluminum

  • drip edge
  • drip caps
  • valleys
  • step flashing


  • standing seam roof
  • flat pounded
  • cupola
  • chimney through flashing
  • radius roof
  • specialized .032 aluminum standing seam